The freshest coffee in the world. Made by you.

From green beans to black coffee in a single swipe. Coffee doesn't get fresher than that. Available for sale in 2017 for 799€
We love coffee.
We don’t love the way it’s traded.
The Bonaverde Berlin is our answer.
As Berliners, we eat, sleep and breathe innovation. After all, this city doesn’t accept no for an answer. When it comes to making real change, neither do we. Committed to the idea of a truly conscious coffee industry, we’ve spent years building a catalyst for a new world of coffee.
This first-of-its-kind roast-grind-brew coffee maker not only allows you to use beans purchased directly from the grower, it also connects you to the source. Infused with modern network connectivity, the Bonaverde Berlin uses Internet of Things technology to become your direct line to coffee growers around the world. growers become faces as commodities markets give way to the agricultural artisans who grew what’s in your cup.
Through connectivity, it’s changing coffee - and the world - forever.
machine roasting
Swipe & Brew changes the way you prepare coffee.
Coffee beans are like snowflakes - no two harvests are alike. Since every harvest requires different treatment to truly shine, one-size-fits all roaster settings mean some beans (and therefore some growers) can’t join the revolution. We believe that changing coffee means changing it for everyone. The Bonaverde Berlin uses technology for an inclusive solution. Each bean pouch includes an RFID chip pre-programmed with the ideal roasting parameters for the beans inside, so you can roast, grind, and brew any bean to perfection.
RFID chips may be tiny, but they have big connectivity potential. They’re the missing link that enables direct trade, connecting you with coffee growers around the world.
Each batch of coffee in the Bonaverde marketplace has a unique serial number, programmed into the RFID chip in your bean pouch. Coffee growers use this serial number to build their brand by storing rich content, roasting information, and more in the Coffee Cloud. When the Bonaverde Berlin reads this serial number, it sends it to the Coffee Cloud, which in turn sends back the ideal roasting profile for your coffee. It also sends stories from the grower, photographs, videos, coffee facts and other content about your coffee directly to your phone. Growers become faces, empowering them to enter the market as their own brand. (always growers, not farmers)
The best part? RFID-chips are inexpensive, accessible, and simple to program, so growers around the world can easily access this new direct-trade infrastructure. They’re easy for you, too! Because the RFID-chips contain the ideal roasting profile for the bean you’re about to brew, you’ll get a flawless cup, every time. Just swipe the Coffee Changer Badge on your bean pouch – the machine’s intuitive Smart Reader will take care of the rest. Simply lean back and wait for your perfect brew.
rfid card rfid reader
coffee machine
Perfectly ground - every time
We consulted with top baristas around the world to develop our five flavor-boosting grinder settings. Whatever your favorite setting, the meticulously calibrated high-alloy steel grinder always produces a consistent grind, for a flawless cup every time you brew.
The first of its kind One of a kind.
Our user-friendly machine not only grinds and brews, but brings the novelty of roasting straight into your kitchen. It is transporting coffee making into the 21st century. Let's change coffee – together.
Works with
coffee filter
high efficient HEPA filter
Powered by
coffee temperature
intelligent control circuit
RFID tech transmits
coffee rfid
roasting profiles
  • Removable water tank: 1.2L
  • Push push function
  • Detachable roasting chamber
  • LED light indicators
  • Optimised heat up time
  • Smoke filter
  • Chaff section
  • WiFi
  • iBeacon
  • Cellular

Available for sale in 2017 for 799€