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Designed in Germany.
Brewing good taste worldwide.

From green bean to full cup, the Berlin brews the freshest coffee with the push of a button. Your perfect cup awaits. Simply select your beans, fill in water, and enjoy.

Two stunning designs.
Limitless coffee possibilities.

A single Berlin contains all the roasting, brewing, filtering, and
serving systems you need for the perfect cup of coffee. Select a
color below and pre-order for your home.
Berlin white
Berlin silver
$799 USD
What’s included
Coffee maker including Water Tank, Roasting Chamber, Filter Drawer, Air Filter Container, Jug, and Plug. Unit comes with two bonus packets of green beans and one replacement air filter.
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The Berlin coffee experience.
Opening up a new world of coffee.

A smaller world of coffee

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The Berlin is your gateway to our connected coffee ecosystem, connecting you with exceptional growers around the world for a complete coffee experience.

Refreshingly smooth brews

Truly fresh for unmatched flavor

Roasted in the moment, the Berlin delivers flavor like you've never tasted before. Savor nuanced, sumptuous coffee so smooth, you might even skip the cream.

Perfect coffee, every time

Bring the art of roasting home

We work with top roasters and baristas to develop ideal profiles for each bean, so you can roast a perfect pot every time — right on your kitchen counter.

Functionality meets simplicity

Simply fill, scan, and brew

Our RFID-infused coffee pouches double as filters, for a brewing experience as smooth as our coffee. Simply fill in the beans, scan the pouch, insert the filter, and enjoy.

Just the way you like it

Infinite options to personalize your coffee

Select from exceptional varietals around the world, choose your perfect grind, adjust your roast via our app, and more.

Iconic design

Modern class for any kitchen

Stand-out enough to spark conversation, subtle enough to look at home in your kitchen, this coffee machine has class.

Technical details.
Berlin brewing system.

Voltage 120 volts
Plug type USA
Water tank capacity 1.2 liters
Average brew time for 12 cups 15 minutes
UL Listing UL Listed


  • 3G Connection
  • WiFi
  • Gemalto Board
  • Smartphone Remote Control
  • NXP RFID/NFC reader
  • Smart temperature sensors

Cleaning & maintenance

  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Smart cleaning cycles
  • Silver chaff collector
  • HEPA Air Filter


  • Infrared Roasting
  • Stainless Steel Cone Grinder
  • Drip coffee brewing


  • Automatic Timer
  • Infrared Roasting
  • Thermo-isolation
  • Push-push doors
  • LED light guidance
  • Capacitive Sensor Control


  • 100% customizable roasting profile
  • Controllable Keep Warm Plate
  • Controllable air ventilation system


  • UL listed
  • European CE conformance
  • TÜV certified