Distribution Run the future of coffee

Bonaverde is more than a hardware company. The team wants to reinvent the way you consume coffee.



Our user-friendly machine not only grinds and brews — it also brings the novelty of roasting into your kitchen. We’re bringing coffee into the 21st century, and we want you to be a part of it. Let’s change coffee — together.


  • IoT with RFID


  • Traceable consumption


  • Roast, grind, brew


  • Connected through cellular


  • Fresh brewing without harshness

Become a Coffee Changer.

Distribution Starter Package.

Includes one White Berlin and one Silver Berlin each with: Water Tank, Roasting Chamber, Filter Drawer, Air Filter Container, Carafe/Jug, Keep Warm Plate, and Plug. Each also comes with a Starter Pack of green coffee and a replacement Air Filter.

Berlin white

Berlin silver

Feature List

  • Intelligent control RFID scan
  • Smartphone operation via the Bonaverde Coffee Concierge on Facebook Messenger
  • 3G cellular connectivity provided by T-Mobile
  • Infrared roasting with detachable roasting chamber
  • Adjustable stainless steel cone grinder
  • Drip coffee brewing
  • Optimized heat up time
  • Push push functions with LED light indicators and warning sounds
  • High-efficiency HEPA air filter
  • Chaff collection section
Specification USA EU
Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) 18.7" × 9.8" × 9.8" 47.5cm × 25cm × 25cm
Voltage 120 volts 220 volts
Plug type USA Europe
Water tank capacity 40 ounces 1.2 liters
Average roast-grind-brew time 15 minutes 15 minutes
Standard for Safety UL Listed GS
Specification Download the Technical Blackpaper (PDF)


Bonaverde offers distributors exclusive-per-unit licensing — so you develop relationships with people, not territories.

  • Develop ongoing relationships with consumers.
  • Generate additional revenue through coffee sales.


It takes all kinds to build a new world of coffee. Choose the role that’s right for you to find where you fit in the BV ecosystem.


Ambassadors distribute the Berlin Roast-Grind-Brew machines and integrated accessories (e.g., air filters), building direct relationships with coffee lovers.

Through the Bonaverde purchasing program, Ambassadors order from the OEM and can customize certain features such as color or sub-branding. Since every machine is connected to the cloud through our 3G technology, Ambassadors have usage data on a per machine level. Profits can be increased by selecting in-demand green coffee beans to keep in stock and deliver in your area.


Coffee Scouts are in the business of changing lives by working directly with farmers to source high quality, fairly-traded coffee. Scouts identify growers and package green beans for sale in the Bonaverde ecosystem based on demand created by Ambassadors.

Our vision is that coffee is sourced and packaged in the country where it is grown, improving lives in the community as growers are on-boarded and their stories are told throughout our digital ecosystem. Even when sourced in the country of consumption, however, all coffee in our ecosystem must be 100% traceable and fairly traded.


Growers in the Bonaverde ecosystem are guaranteed a minimum of 25% over production price, far more than the commodities market can offer. Enjoy unheard of stability while taking advantage of the opportunity to influence your own profits as you build your brand.


The most common questions are answered.

Why do we offer a distribution package?

Now that we are shipping in the US and EU, we receive many inquiries from potential distributors and must identify those who are truly interested. By placing an order for a Distribution Package we understand there is real intent to learn more about this opportunity.

How do Scouts profit in the Bonaverde system?

For their support, Coffee Scouts receive a commission from Ambassadors for every pouch of green beans that is sold through the Bonaverde ecosystem.

What is the initial investment?

For Ambassadors, the initial minimum investment is a Distribution Package. A negotiated agreement follows, which typically requires a first order of approximately 500 machines followed by an expected regular container-sized order purchased from our OEM through the Bonaverde purchasing program. For Scouts, the minimum is based on an agreed upon amount of coffee to service a particular Ambassador. Bonaverde offers machines, packaging options and tools to help Scouts efficiently package green coffee and ready it for sale in our ecosystem.

Can I open a new territory outside the US and EU?

Yes! We are eager to expand Bonaverde beyond our home markets. We are open to creative approaches for expanding to new territories and welcome the opportunity to discuss this further with you. Please note that shipping Distribution Packages to areas outside the US and EU may have additional costs.

What do I need to do to become a distributor?

The first step is to complete the above form and purchase a Distribution Package. A Bonaverde representative from our US or EU team will then follow-up.

Can I get exclusive rights to distribute the machines?

Our distribution channel is relationship based, not region based. Rather than exclusive territory rights, we offer exclusive “machine” rights and revenue per unit opportunities.

How do I reach and deliver to consumers?

As an Ambassador you have full control of how you reach your customers. We welcome you to sell through our ecosystem and you can also sell through your own on and offline channels.

How much more do growers make in the Bonaverde system?

While prices depend on demand, our pricing algorithms guarantee you’ll always sell at a minimum of at least 25% over production price. Build your brand to increase demand and sell at higher prices.

What if I have another question?

You can email us at any time, and we’ll try to answer your questions as best we can.