Use Your Membership Plan's Free Credit

Use Your Membership Plan's Free Credit

We hope everyone's loving the number of single-origin speciality coffees now available in the new BV Marketplace. Jumping from less than 10 coffee options last week, to 50 new ones virtually overnight created a bit of a lolly scramble, but that means that there's a huge variety for you, oh dear coffee lover, to get started or continue on your path to speciality coffee enlightenment!

Ahh, How Young We Were:

We love world-class coffees (well, cos we drink them daily!), but we totally get that on an individual level it's hard to justify bringing over that "one bag of your favourite coffee" from overseas.

That's the beauty of the Coffee Changer Membership program: power in numbers! We at Bonaverde have the envious task of curating a pretty sizeable range of pretty amazing coffees from world-class roasters and farmers all over the world, but it's you guys, thanks to your combined buying power, who now get to choose from the cream of the crop and buy them priced as if they were local!

The Marketplace of course contains Bonaverde's own green and roasted offerings, but a good chunk of of these coffees also happen to come from some of the most famous coffee roasteries from all around Europe -- for instance East London's Dark Arts Coffee, our inspirational friend Maren from Kölln: ERNST Kaffeerösterei, or Berlin's very own Tres Cabeza

We feel it's for the first time ever, that all of these distinct, and socially responsible coffee suppliers have been unified and made available in one place at one time: at our Coffee Lab showroom in Mitte for our daily coffee tastings, and of course obtainable online as well.

But Are You Using Your Membership Properly??

Whether you're a Member or not doesn't matter: anyone at all who wants to can buy these coffees can -- but an apparently still little-known perk of being a Coffee Changer Member is that the monthly membership plan contribution is transferred in its entirety into usable store credit (9€ for Lite, and 49€ for Full Members).

I'll say it again:

  • You pay a monthly contribution (e.g. 49€)
  • You can immediately spend that on any service, product or amazing coffee you like in the marketplace
  • This is store credit, so you can keep saving it for a rainy day in another month, or top it up as you like. 

So what're you waiting for -- go out there and explore!