myBonaverde: The Revolutionary Online Coffee App Beta Release

myBonaverde: The Revolutionary Online Coffee App Beta Release

Awwww yeah, it's the future baby! We're pretty bloody excited to announce the release of myBonaverde -- what's this you say? Well it's the beta release, but proves the makings of our App which will one day be the final piece of the puzzle in changing the coffee supply chain.


Think about it as the missing link between you, specialty coffee farmers, and Bonaverde products, including the Berlin coffee roasting, grinding and brewing machine. This is what will better make it a functional smart device.

We have an incredibly action packed, and rather ambitious technical product development roadmap -- it includes completing myBonaverde as an entire coffee ecosystem and community, as well as additional product enhancements besides the app.

2019 will be exciting to see this chrysalis fledge into a fully formed, glorious, coffee-changing butterfly!

Ah Halcyon Days! Mobile App brewed coffee

The Beta: Right now, it's a functional 'remote' for the Berlin, but the horizon is imminent, below is a bit of an overview of what the future holds for all our Tech developments, myBonaverde app and beyond! 


Some myBonaverde Beta Features

  • Scheduling of roasts -- in an hour, tomorrow morning, from the bathroom, the office, wherever, whenever!
  • Customising and creating your own roast profiles -- it's all terribly exciting, finally you will get to unlock the Berlins roast programme, and without burning down your house, experiment with every gradient between green and black coffee!
  • Constantly updated rich media content -- this is the farmers "Voice" a way for both them and Bonaverde to inform you more about the type and properties of coffee your drinking, or which are available, and new or updated features available in the machine and app.
  • The specialty coffee direct marketplace, complete with wallet-to-wallet transactions.

All these additions are planned to start being implemented within Q1, with the more complex crypto systems a little later by 2019.


  • Creating an exclusive members only space on the website, where Coffee Changers can log in and manage their account view upcoming features.
  • We're a small team, and all dreams are great! We're planning on further opening up the Bonaverde API to external developers -- for instance a Slack integration for workplaces.
  • One of our biggest requests: WiFi enabled Berlins planned for mid-2019!

So. If you were unconvinced about the Coffee Changer Membership, both its perks, and why there's a nominal monthly contribution: THIS is why!