Green Coffee Pouches - Design Lab Awards

Green Coffee Pouches - Design Lab Awards

BONAVERDE Exhibits Green Coffee Pouches for Design Lab Awards at the Specialty Coffee Expo in Boston

Design Lab's Packaging category identifies some of the most compelling coffee packaging designs from the past year. Bonaverde presented their innovative solution at the 2019 Specialty Coffee Expo in Boston, Massechussets.


The patented green coffee pouch is unique in having multiple functionalities throughout (and after) its lifespan.

The pouch’s primary use is of course sealed packaging for a portion of single origin green coffee beans: it contains a unique digital RFID and print label denoting the specific origin and producer of the product, and the necessary coffee ‘roast profile’ to be decrypted with and used by Bonaverde’s world first Berlin smart coffee roaster, grinder & brewer. This additionally acts as the backbone of Bonaverde’s blockchain technology — it is, after all, a vessel to contain any unique information about the product required — so it could further be utilised for cryptocurrency-based wallet-to-wallet transactions in the future (and we’re closer to this milestone daily!)



After opening the pouch by tearing along a perforated line, the green coffee contents can be emptied into a Berlin machine’s roaster, and the RFID program scanned for a tailor made roast. The empty packaging now serves its secondary function as a Melitta-style #4 coffee filter — into which the the now freshly roasted coffee can automatically grind into, in advance of a pour-over brew (either in a Berlin, or with any other familiar coffee brewing set-up).

Indeed, the Bonaverde Green Bean Pouch is arguably the first actual innovation in coffee filters since they were invented over 100 years ago!


Once the final brew process is complete the spent coffee grinds and the coffee filter together are of course fully compostable in one tidy package, ensuring a sustainable crop-to-cup experience and a legitimately eco friendly alternative to an otherwise coffee-pod obsessed world.





Green Bean Pouches


Distinct single-origin microlot producers of speciality coffee -- packaged as green beans in patented single portion pouch, ready to be roasted fresh. Check out what's there today!