Degassing? No doubt!

Degassing? No doubt!

What decanting is to a wine connoisseur, degassing is for a coffee lover. With the Berlin, you can access the different coffee processes individually.

Let’s put four coffee experts into one room: A barista from a Berlin Mitte hipster coffee shop, a professional coffee roaster from a huge industrial coffee roastery, a coffee grower who runs a trazillion hectare coffee farm and - our very own - Head of Roasting Kike.

Now let’s give them one topic to discuss and you will have them busy for a couple of hours: Degassing.

What is degassing?

Degassing describes what happens to your coffee beans after they have been roasted: Gases (mostly carbon dioxide) start seeping out. Due to the quick escape of CO2 it can lead to an uneven extraction if coffee is ground and brewed right after roasting.

Therefore our professional coffee roaster usually has his coffee rest a day or two after roasting.

He tries to have it sit for at least 24 hours because that is when a bulk (approximately 40%) of CO2 leaves the bean.

Then why does the Bonaverde Berlin even have the function to roast-grind-brew in one go? Are we completely stupid?

To answer the latter question first: Yes and no.
YES, to believe to be able to change the world of coffee with an 8-people-team from Berlin requires quite some amount of naivety. But also NO because roasting, grinding and brewing in one go does make sense.

Take note:

1. Longer roasts usually degas faster than faster roasts.

While industrial roasteries usually roasts a huge amount of coffee at up to 600 degrees celsius in around 3 minutes, the Bonaverde Berlin roasts way way way highway way way smaller amounts like 50g in around 10 minutes. This allows a faster degassing process.

2. Darker roasts degas faster than lighter roasts

The Bonaverde system allows you to customise your roasting profile. If you want to allow your coffee to degas for a little, select one of the darker roasting profiles.

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And then:
What is the Bonaverde Berlin actually for? What are we competing with?
In the conversation with the coffee experts, Bonaverde*s Head Of Roasting Kike would not claim that he does a better coffee with the Bonaverde Berlin than they do with their more pricey and more professional equipment, but he would be proud to tell them that the Bonaverde Berlin offers a better option for end-consumers compared to every coffee you can buy in a supermarket.

Because here is the interesting thing:

What happens after the degassing process is over?

After the first few days of degassing, oxygen will find its way into your days. Our coffee experts will call it oxidation and say that this is the main cause of staleness. Months old coffee tastes bitter and does not have a lot of flavour anymore. That*s why we tend to add milk and sugar when the coffee is too bitter.

Due to the fresh roasting, the Bonaverde Berlin offers a very smooth cup of coffee. We went to a huge number of trade shows: From IFA in Berlin over the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago to CES in Las Vegas, Bonaverde CEO Hans Stier even had German chancellor Angela Merkel and the Japanese princess try our coffee.

Guess the word that most of the gazillion people that tried our coffee said after they had their first sip: Smooth.

Due to the fresh roasting process, bitterness does not have the time develop and you can still experience the full flavour the coffee has to offer.

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I believe what my barista friend told me. I should not buy the Bonaverde Berlin then, right?

We would not dare to tell you what to buy and what not to buy. But we have been on this journey for too long to not explain that “Degassing” is and we can tell you, it's not the reason to ignore our product.

We've covered all bases:

While we promote the roast-grind-brew process, we acknowledge a coffee lover’s desire to let his beans degas. So we implemented a feature that allows you to let your beans rest for as long as you want to. By selecting the “Roast Only” feature, you take control of the process the way you like it. Just place your beans into the Roasting Chamber and roast them according to your needs. You might see a red light at the end of the roasting process. This does not need to be due to an error. After roasting, the temperature in the chamber is pretty high - and we don't want you to burn your fingers. Just wait a little until the light fades away and you can get the beans out. Then let them degas, but please do us one favour: After a couple of days put them into a container with a one-way valve. This way, CO2 is able to escape, and oxygen won’t as easily find its way in.

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So what about the conversation of the four coffee experts?
Well, the situation is fictional. And it is tough to get a roasting expert, a coffee grower and a barista at one table. But Kike actually spent a lot of time meeting these people individually. Talking about the Bonaverde Berlin led to a related - but different topic: Customisation.

Everybody in the coffee industry is interested in small-scale customisation of beans. And this is what the Berlin offers. Thanks to its connectivity it allows the user to adjust the roasting profile, share roasting profiles with their friends and make a coffee the way they like it.

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