China Roadshow: April 2019

China Roadshow: April 2019

Bonaverde China Roadshow - April 2019


Bonaverde once again are in China! We've just finished competing in the Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition in Shenzhen, and we will soon be attending the Canton Fair in Guangzhou this Thursday and Friday (18-19th April 2019) as part of our extended roadshow.

Lucian Plaumann will be Bonaverde’s point of contact as we seek to network with Chinese partners in our next phase of growth.

If you or your network are interested in partnering with Bonaverde, Lucian will be in Hong Kong this Tuesday and Wednesday (16-17th April), and will be in Guangzhou Thursday and Friday (18-19th April) to discuss more at the Canton Fair China Import & Export complex!

Contact Details: Lucian Plaumann

WeChat ID: wxid_xpghf4x137xr22

Phone/WhatsApp: +4917686093603 


A Brief Overview of China Coffee Market

China and greater South East Asia is on the verge of a massive coffee boom! Notable local coffee chain Luckin Coffee are on track to overtake Starbucks in terms of sales — with a distinct digital focus on cashless payments and data usage — it's undeniable coffee consumption is already skyrocketing... And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Primary Demand: China Coffee Revenue, in million USD - source: Statista March 2019


Whilst conservatively valued at approximately USD2.5billion (however, depending on the source of information, this has been reported as high as double this figure), the Chinese specialty coffee market outpaces primary demand growth, at 18% growth per annum and is set to eclipse the value of more mature markets such as the US or Brazil in the coming decade as consumer’s traditional tastes switch from tea to coffee palate.


As observed with every market in the past as they develop and mature, taste preferences for coffee becomes more sophisticated. This evolution exhibits a shift away from “1st Wave” (e.g. instant coffee) “2nd Wave” coffee consumption (e.g. Starbucks), to “3rd Wave” (e.g. speciality coffee). Bonaverde is a forerunner in the group of “4th Wave” coffee solutions — by bringing digital into the 3rd Wave specialty coffee equation.

China Coffee Revenue, in percent - source: Statista March 2019

China has a strong cultural lactose free tea-drinking palate, and penchant for tech and convenience. Bonaverde’s ecosystem is hence highly compatible, with a focus on black speciality coffee (brewed sugarless and milkless), smart technology and artisanship.


As China is shifting towards 3rd and 4th Wave coffee consumption, the Bonaverde Berlin has recently become CCC certified in preparation for a China market launch. We are keen to network with Chinese-based partners in a variety of capacities. If you are interested in discussing our plan further, get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!


All the Best from Berlin,

The Bonaverde Team