6 Reasons Why the Coffee Changers Membership is the Bees Knees

6 Reasons Why the Coffee Changers Membership is the Bees Knees

Apart from how the Membership allows Bonaverde to have a business model to gather momentum and scale our revolution outwards, lets us present volume forecasting to new farmers joining the Coffee Changer community, provide resource for us to dedicate towards developing the myBonaverde app -- aka the Digital Coffee Ecosystem -- and allows us to buy in greater bulk and pass the economic savings on to coffee lovers; there's plenty of other reasons to celebrate.


The Membership takes care of you, our Coffee Changers. As we pilot this approach in Germany and scale out into Europe, you would expect:

  • Free freight on all OriginsBox coffee deliveries
  • Free maintenance kits included with every OriginsBox
  • Free Berlin machine repairs or swaps

Here's some of the other things you should know:



We offer a massive variety of single origin coffees from around the world, as well as roasted coffees from Europe’s most acclaimed speciality coffee roasteries. Our range is growing all the time, and our selection is always changing — so you get to taste the world with a Coffee Changer Membership. You’ll very soon get even more variety through our myBonaverde app, where you can download or tailor your own bespoke coffee roast profiles!


Grind Size

French Press, Espresso, Pour over? You can select the grind you want, with the adjustable stainless alloy burr grinder within the Berlin — use it as an all-in-one machine, or use it for its modular ability and pair it with another machine, grinder or preparation method of your preference: roast, or grind or brew. The choice is yours!


Coffee doesn’t stay fresh for long. So our green beans are roasted — by you — only when you want, and ground on demand. You can’t get any fresher than that! Enjoy it degassed later, or taste the difference and enjoy it immediately.

For our roasted coffees, they are roasted fresh just prior to shipping, so you’ll have no problem finishing them before they even get close to what you'd find at the supermarket!



We offer only speciality grade coffee — the highest tier of coffee quality, ranked on consistency, aroma, fragrance and taste. The Berlin’s coffee extraction style is like that of pour-over coffee, known for its mildness, and focus on capturing the subtle nuances and the celebrated floral acidity of world-class coffee. 


Oooh touchy subject -- we love it when people are like "I could buy green coffee beans off Amazon for 9€/kg". Great, enjoy your blood-coffee. Ours is sustainably and ethically sourced coffee — our coffee farmers receive minimum 20% more through Bonaverde. And as Bonaverde continues to grow as a company, we’ll be able to develop a platform, as part of the constantly updated myBonaverde app, to trade directly with farmers via cryptocurrency and blockchain. We're talking wallet-to-wallet! It doesn’t get more transparent or fair than that!

Our coffee is priced accordingly, so whilst our membership fee helps us continue to develop our digital ecosystem, and use forecasting to get more farmers joining the coffee revolution — but for you, it means free freight on all deliveries, zero download fee on the myBonaverde App, free repairs or machine swap, free maintenance kits, and savings on the price of every coffee delivery — the OriginsBox.


Customer Support

Ahhh we're famous for our support! But, as a startup, and though allocating resources to different departments is always a big decision, customer satisfaction (and support from our customers) is really important to us. Though as we've grown, we've been challenged by this, there is now a firm decision to invest a lot more resource into this -- and we're seeing a huge rise in our customer happiness. 

We realise coffee waits for no-one, so we offer live chat on our website, and love video calls to help you out when you need it. It's an area where we're constantly working to improve, and we love your feedback (in fact we had a huge feedback campaign in October 2018 contacting all our EU customers by phone and e-mail as to how we could improve. Many suggestions have been immediately implemented).

But in lieu of human support, don't forget that also, your Berlin smart coffee device is exactly that — smart. OK it's not Hal2000, but It uses light and noise codes to communicate with you, nevertheless, and we can often remotely diagnose your machine for you if it needs TLC. We can also use this connectability if you want, to suggest when you’re nearly out of coffee and if you’d like another delivery. Every delivery includes a maintenance kit for your machine, to keep everything running smoothly.