2019 Upgrade Design Berlins en Route!

2019 Upgrade Design Berlins en Route!


Mon Dieu! Our second batch of Berlins destined for Cologne are making their way from Shunde in the Guandong province of China, and have very nearly arrived at European customs! They are on track to arriving at the very end of 2018. And they feature a sweet suite of upgrades!

Many have already been swept up as pre-orders, but there's still some available for our European Coffee Changers as a late Christmas prezzie if you move quick! You can secure your new look Silver or Black Berlin coffee maker on our home page by becoming a Coffee Changer Member if you're based in Europe.

Upgrades You Say?

Huzzah! There's some notable improvements we've made over the first generation Berlins, and even more are following in future shipments. The biggest focus is of course improving reliability and usability -- we have plenty of learnings now the Berlin has been used in market. We won't list all of them, many upgrades are quite simple at face value, but often the most basic changes make all the difference between a positive and negative user experience.

  • The next delivery -- arriving in Dec 2018 -- will have what we have termed the "new backdoor", which is an access port allowing users to unblock the coffee grinder themselves, rather than having to send it away for repair. It may seem minor, but this has by far and large been the biggest issue we've found our first generation users to have encountered.
  • Improved roasting drawer design -- the "stirrer" in the roasting drawer skips less and provides and even more consistent coffee roast.
  • Easier interface on the grinder adjustment.
  • Instructions printed on the machine manifold itself, describing for instance filter change, roaster chamber setup, etc
  • The the filter draw material finish is more heat resistant and ensures no warping due to heat over time.
  • Easy access to the machine IMEI number, as it's required to register and connect to the coffee cloud. It's now printed on the back of the machine, instead of on the base. Bonaverde also plan on taking ownership of registering machines for users, prior to shipping them out, so as to streamline the Coffee Changer Membership connection between Berlin, user, and the Coffee Cloud.
  • The first generation machines would, with regular use, slowly start to make more noise. It was discovered this was a result of coffee residue build-up eventually unbalancing the ventilation fan, causing a whirring noise over time. We've overcome this by use of more robust fittings in the ventilation system.


AND What Upgrades Will Feature in Subsequent Berlins?

We haven't stopped with the afore mentioned minor tweaks -- the subsequent shipment arriving in February 2019 will also include even more upgrades:

  • An LED progress bar, detailing the ETA for the roast grind brew process.
  • A new multi-channel showerhead bringing the coffee preparation style closer to an artisanal pour-over coffee.
  • Upgraded PCB chipset, and more detailed light codes.