We have exciting news to share with you, Coffee Changers. Big things are happening at Bonaverde.

At Bonaverde, we live for the magic of small moments, those little things that remind us of the simple beauty in day-to-day life. That’s why we’re determined to brew the most delicious, freshest coffee in the world. What exemplifies simple pleasures more than the ritual of a good cup of coffee?


Sometimes, however, the small moments just aren’t enough. Sometimes you need a big magic moment to re-ignite your inspiration. A can’t-stop-smiling, a buzz with energy, can’t-wait-to-tell-the-world moment. We’re on the cusp of just such a big moment right now.


At this very second, Jergus Majernik, our stalwart Mechanical Engineer and in-house Machine Whisperer, is in China. He’s meeting with our partners at Homezest, taking the next step in our development process. After months of perfecting the roasting process and honing all the little details in the EB-1 stage, we’re ready to move on to the next step (You can see more about this process in the video below).


We’ve entered a very critical and exciting development stage. Jergus is currently working his magic on fine-tuning the electronic set-up, the nervous system of the Bonaverde machine. We have 200 machines, which we’re subjecting it to rigorous assessment, testing durability, programming, and the roasting and grinding process to make sure they meet our high standards. When the final product reaches your doorstep, we want it to be beyond functional. We want it to be a brilliant. We want it to create some of the sweetest moments of your day, every day.

With the Bill of Material, we can actually strengthen our partnership with our manufacturer Homezest in China, we can calculate much better our business model, plus, with that milestone cleared, we are able to let you know when that machine is going into mass production.

Luckily, we have the help of the incredible team at Homezest, who work with global players including SEB, Bosch and Siemens. We’re elated to continue growing and strengthening our partnership with them during this exciting development phase. If this round of testing is as successful as we expect it to be -and we expect it to be very successful – we will be able to finalize our Bill of Materials, or BOM. The BOM is important for purchasing, calculation, building relationships with manufacturing partners, and our business viability. It’s is a huge milestone in any industrial project.

A bill of materials (BoM) is a list of the parts or components that are required to build a product. The BoM provides the manufacturer’s part number (MPN) and the quantity needed for each component.

All of this makes for one very, very big moment. We’re hurtling down the road to bringing our passion project to market, turning our day dreams into realities. We’re going to revolutionize the coffee industry, one fresh, perfectly brewed cup at a time.

We never could have got here without you, Coffee Changers. Thank you for joining us on this wild ride. We’re excited to have you with us for the next big, magic moments.

We are into solving most dominant problems (electronics, air-vent-system and heat absorption) with partners and proceed with certification in the EB2 phase that is starting now.
Due to these difficulties we need to add an EB3 step: http://plan.bonaverde.com